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Excellence in Execution

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Aspen Basic Engineering (ABE) Implementation Services

  • Globally led ABE development/deployment/implementation for 15 years in fortune 500 EPC company

  • Managed a global pilot study across 4 offices for 16 weeks

  • Developed a super data model to support multiple industry lines and related datasheets and equipment lists

  • Trained over 3000 process and mechanical engineers, plus graphics designers

  • Implemented in over 25 offices across all continents

  • Developed and implemented over 2500 design rules

  • All developed datasheets were given to AT which are now part of OOTB ABE

  • Managed several major architectural migrations

Benefits of ABE

  • Bring in licensor packages directly in ABE

  • CCDM for external collaboration

  • Bridges and packages for external data linkage

  • Perfect export as Excel deliverables

  • Bring vendor data back in ABE

  • Preliminary P&ID from PFD

  • Data re-use

  • Modular design support

  • Total Microsoft architecture

  • Tighter integration with other AES tools

  • Single database containing all equipment datasheets

  • Easy search method using the filters

  • Automatically tracks revision changes made by marking in the column on the right side of page

  • Highlights changes in red since last revision

  • Easy conversion of units (Imperial <>Metric)

  • Ability to insert and delete pages to customize

  • Easy to include links to attachments

  • Easy to paste pictures for equipment sketches

  • Ability to copy datasheets

  • Data is saved continuously

  • Everyone can see changes immediately

  • Multiple users can be in the same datasheet

ABE Scope of Services

  1. Detailed deep dive in to the ABE functionality.

  2. Implement ABE pilot at various levels (L1, L2 and L3).

  3. Review current work processes and develop improved efficient work processes.

  4. Review and update the out of the box (OOTB) data structure as needed.

  5. Modify existing OOTB datasheets, labels, symbols and equipment lists as required.

  6. Develop new datasheets, labels, symbols and equipment lists as required.

  7. Develop and establish bridges and packages.

  8. Setup data modularized/re-use libraries.

  9. Setup Excel export/import.

  10. Setup unit conversions.

  11. Modify OOTB equipment lists along with the required filters.

  12. Create new equipment lists along with the required filters. 

  13. Setup importing simulation data from AspenPlus and Hysis.

  14. Setup integration with external P&ID systems such as Hexagon’s SmartPlant P&ID.

  15. Set up integration with other AES tools.

  16. Provide customized training for end users, power users and systems support personnel.

Levels of ABE Pilot 

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