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Excellence in Execution

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A solutions-oriented group. While you continue to run your business, we'll help you excel in executing and managing the complexities that come with it.

Most organizations face a number of challenges:

  • Fierce global competition

  • Need to maximize their return on capital employed

  • Cyclical business

  • Resource demand fluctuation

  • Global project execution with scattered expertise

  • Faster to market including emerging markets

  • Rapid product obsolesce

  • Aspiration for top quartile

We will help you meet these challenges....

ExiEx is a consulting organization with extensive experience across multiple industries. We provide services of unmatched value to our clients with the applied knowledge of Excellence in Execution in all types of organizations: engineering, design, manufacturing, and services. Our core offering includes:

Aspentech Basic Engineering (ABE) implementation services

Project Management capabilities implementation

Program Management Consultancy

Risk Assessment & Management

Global Project Execution Management

Commercial Off-The-shelf Systems (COTS) Selection and Implementation through a robust process

Organization Transformation Management

Service Offerings
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